A Fantastic Simulation Game

Join us in the wonderful world of Fun Hospital! Customize your own hospital, set up a perfect staff team, and get ready for the coming patients. What would you do with these cute and mischievous patients and doctors? Just enjoy you sweet moment with Fun Hospital alone or play it with friends to see who can get the best record!

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Free card game for friends!

COVER is an exciting card game which is suitable for all ages. With easy-to-understand rules and fast-paced gameplay, this brand-new card game will ensure you and your friends a wonderful leisure time filled with joy and laughter. In COVER, your goal is to get rid of all your cards before anyone else does, and win game coins from them!

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Word Fight

Who has the biggest vocabulary?

Word Fight is an exciting online spelling game which is suitable for all ages. You are about to compete with other players by spelling words! Each round you will be given 8 letter tiles and a key letter, try your best to make words as long as possible to build your advantage! Your vocabulary will be a great help to you in the game, but having a flexible strategy is important as well.

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Who We Are

About Us

Founded in 2013, Oranges Game is a fast-growing company who is focusing on providing wonderful game experiences for mobile game players all over the world. We have been expecting for long to create a game like this, and we’re happy and proud that we did it. We name it as “Fun hospital”, the name is both a design principle and a hope.











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You can contact us through your game by posting your questions&suggestions in game forum, or send us an email if you need to. We'll be very glad to respond any of your game issues.


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